The trackless wastes of Numeria were forever changed nine thousand years ago, during the Rain of Stars, and since then mysterious artifacts have been recovered from the ruins of the metal mountains that fell from the sky. One such mountain surely must have fallen in the town now known as Torch. But when the intense purple flame that gives the town its name went out, after having burned steady for over a hundred years, the town council sent adventurers into the caves under the town to investigate. However, no expedition has returned save one… and even they have not returned from their second attempt underground.

What could have caused the disappearance of both the purple flame and all who went to investigate? And could it be just the symptom of yet greater events…?

What We Know So Far…

What Potential does the Rain of Stars Hold?

Iron Gods is an adventure path for the Pathfinder RPG by Paizo, being run with hints of influence from S. John Ross’ fantastic Uresia campaign setting, as well as a modified version of Advanced d20 Magic, by the now defunct Guardians of Order.

Iron Gods

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