Once the greatest of the River Kingdoms, Numeria is a land of stoic barbarian tribes and dark magic, its proud people ruled over by the Technic League, a secretive circle of tainted magicians devoted to technology they barely understand. These artifacts are not of this world, brought to Golarion during the Rain of Stars, when a colossal metal mountain from the sky crashed to earth and scattered pieces of itself across the country.

While its barren landscape is less than ideal for trade, Numeria is famous in civilized countries as the main source of skymetals, seven rare metallic alloys taken from the metal mountain that fell from the sky. These alloys are all useful in the creation of unique weapons and artifacts, and each has its own distinct properties. Of these, adamantine is the most common, and word of the wonders of “Numerian steel” has long since spread far and wide across the Inner Sea region.

Places in Numeria

Torch: A large town so-named for the brilliant purple flame that it is built around.

Map of Numeria

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